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Sky Tunnel™ – Natural Illumination for Darker Spaces

A Sky Tunnel™ skylight is a tubular day lighting technology which is installed in the roof of the buildings for evenly light transmission to dark areas of the buildings throughout the day. It uses light tubes or light pipes for transporting natural lights. It produces illumination equivalent to 800 watts of fluorescent lighting.

  • Free Daylight
  • Improves Occupants Comfort
  • 100% Color Rendition
  • Very Low Maintenance
  • Environmental Friendly
  • No Heat Load
  • 7 Years Product Warranty
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Product Overview
The electrical energy consumption worldwide has a total of 17.1 billion Mega Watt hour per year and a significant of 20% to 50% of total energy is consumed on artificial lighting in homes and offices. For about 90% of lighting expenses are considered unnecessary through over illumination and improper usage. People tend to turn on the lights during daytime when it is not necessary due to building architectural design where some rooms are not receiving sufficient amount of light. The need of energy consumption reduction was pressuring commercial entity as well as residential for the objective to cut their cost on lighting energy. Since consumption of lights is more significant on commercial environment, companies consider reducing electrical usage and switching to better building lighting plan because it gives them the opportunity to save more energy and money for better return of investment. That brings lighting companies to produce more alternative lightings that promise to cut electrical lighting bills.

Natural Alternative Lighting
Natural lighting from sun solar energy is the perfect alternative to our day lighting needs – it doesn’t use electricity, the source is free and sustainable. According to US Department of Energy Federal Energy Management Program, about 80% savings can be cut in your lighting energy running cost if you use natural alternative day lighting.





American Plaque Factory – Philexcel Business Park, CFZ, PHILIPPINES

The Employees are very satisfied with the Daylighting provided by the Sky Tunnel XL2 that were installed.There is no heat load on the building and no glare or visual discomfort, creating a better work environment.The owner of the company is also very pleased as not only has productivity improved, the quality of work has also improved and the companys energy use has reduced.


Green Cross Incorporated, Parañaque City, Metro Manila, PHILIPPINES

All areas where Sky Tunnel have been installed have seen a considerable drop in energy usage. In the production areas Green Cross were concerned about adding heat to the building as it might affect the chemicals that are used. Green Cross are very pleased the Sky Tunnels have not introduced any heat to the building, in fact the temperature has been reduced. During good daylight hours, Green Cross are no longer having to use the electric lighting system, which was generating a lot of heat.


Grand Central Bus Terminal, Lucena City, Quezon, PHILIPPINES

The General terminal area is now well illuminated during the day, reducing energy costs compared to when we were running our electrical lighting. It also looks more inviting for the passengers to visit this area of the terminal. I am very happy with the results achieved.

Felix Chua – Owner


Nippon Express – Philexcel Business Park, CFZ, PHILIPPINES

Nippon Express are very impressed with the Daylighting provided by the 30 x Sky Tunnel XL2 in their new warehouse. There is no need for electric lighting in the warehouse most days therefore reducing operating expenses considerably. Nippon Express utilized a customized Sky Tunnel daylighting solution, as the standard Sky Tunnel warehouse kit would have impeded the use of some top shelves of the pallet racking.


New JJ Supermarket, San Fernando, Pampanga, PHILIPPINES.

The hallways and toilets now only use the electrical lighting at night time, largely reducing energy use. “After the seeing the performance of the Sky Tunnels in our Main Offices, we decided to install more into our Business Centre 2. Again we are delighted with the results achieved and the energy we are saving.”

Ian Packham – Philexcel General Manager


Philexcel Main Offices – Philexcel Business Park, CFZ, PHILIPPINES

The Supermarket is running approx 1/3 of the electrical lighting of it’s other stores in the Philippines. This results in large energy savings. As the Sky Tunnels also have no impact on the heat load of the building in comparison to electrical lighting, the air-conditioning system is also using less energy. The objective of reducing energy consumption in the Supermarket has been achieved and the owner is very happy with the performance of the Sky Tunnels.


Toyota Motor Corporation Philippines, Sta. Rosa City, Laguna, PHILIPPINES

Despite already having fibreglass sheets installed in the roof & walls, Toyota Motor Corporation Philippines were still having to use electric lighting on a daily basis. Since installing the Sky Tunnels there is no need to use the electric lighting in daylight hours, thus majorly reducing the energy usage in this part of the factory. The management & enviromental control officers of Toyota Philippines are very pleased with the result and have indicated they will look at implementing Sky Tunnels in other parts of the factory as their Environmental Improvement Budget allows.