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Unicorn – CHEM-FREE Ion Interference Device (anti-scale/bio-slime control)

Industrial water pipelines, storage tanks and cooling tower internal walls contain silica, calcium oxide, calcium carbonate, magnesium oxide … and other inorganic matters that easily generate scale, causing pipeline pressure to drop and lock. It also lowers cooling tower heat exchange efficiency, increase energy consumption, promotes breeding of Legionella which is harmful to human. Therefore, water quality activation, anti-scaling and disinfection are most important parts of water treatment. Chem-free ion interference disinfection, bio-slime control and anti-scale device had been tested in many different environments and proven to have significant fast effect to immediately solve all your water quality problems.

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Working principle of the device At present, water quality improvement still uses de-ironization by aeration, chemical coagulation, gravitational filtration and particle filtration. Considering water activation, there are many ways such as energized low potential ceramic activation, magnetic separation, electromagnetic induction, high-frequency vibration, catalyst activation and so on. The basic aim of improvement is increasing water potential, in order to restore the activity of water molecules, and thus solve the problem of limescale.

This device has low-density inert metal foam on special high-temperature sintered and energized ceramic powder and water molecule shock fluid turbulence activation, resulting in enhancing the potential of water molecules to dissolved the old scale on one hand, and on the other hand, to change the electric double layer collision probability on pipe walls, causing scale crystalline patterns change to achieve anti-scale purpose.


TAMISHNA GROUP – Textile Dyeing Factory, Bangladesh.

Tamishna Group is a leading exporter of knitwear to various parts of the world. The factories are located in the outskirts of the capital city of Dhaka and consist of several multi‐storied buildings owned by the company.

The group consists of 6 companies that have integrated production facilities from the sewing thread to the finished garment. Tamishna Dyeing Industries Limited is the dyeing factory equipped with modern package dyeing machine. They have total of 8 boilers from USA, UK & Germany, 2 of which are using our CHEM‐FREE device.


Sardines Factory – Philippines

There are obvious spots or scars where scales were detached. Dropping scales clogged the spreader pipe. Soft sludge on flue tube. Fire tubes almost clean, without using chemicals for 7 months. Fire tubes after flushing with water, no acid cleaning, no scrubbing. Soft sludge being washed away with water.


Noodle Facotry – Thailand

Boiler Efficiency & Energy Saving Project.


Chang Tarn – Taiwan

Boiler Scale Control Project


Plastic Factory Heat Exchanger – Taiwan

Subject of Improvement: Power Station Heat Exchanger (Appendix 1). Reason for Improvement: Hot water from industrial water cooling process has generated severe scaling that caused blockage and reduced efficiency of heat exchanger.


Good Mother – Taiwan

Installed Chem‐Free Water Molecule Reforming Device in the inlet of water tank. Observed changes with blowdown water.


Food Factory – Taiwan

CHEM‐FREE installation for 8 ton boiler.